Cleverness makes life simpler and more playful. It helps you move on with life. We always endeavour to offer innovative and time-saving methods for handling financial matters. Out of habit we try to stay one step ahead, since true innovation is something one doesn’t know to ask about beforehand. Our banking services are simple and smart.


Independence is the courage to make decisions, not being reliant on others, and responsibility. This means trusting oneself and grabbing the reins, but also making plans while looking ahead. We don’t need instructions from above for every step we take; rather, we need companions and partners. We do things our own way. At LHV we make decisions on the spot, which gives us freedom and speed.


The wish to act is concealed in activity, the desire for setting and reaching new goals. A person who does a lot is able to do many things. LHV is a classic example of the fact that empathy, desire and the setting of goals leads to success. In the case of our clients, we greatly appreciate their passion for action. Which is why we are always on the lookout for suitable solutions – our products are simple and flexible.


Courage means determination and being ready for any situation. LHV is not afraid to grow. We began with investing, and are now the largest domestic financial group in Estonia. We value your wish to save and invest, in order to develop and grow your capital. These are our main activities. We offer suitable products to people who are taking their first steps as well as experienced investors.


An entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by creative thinking and the wish to do something. This is the knowledge that one must also take risks in order to achieve true success. Our vision is an Estonia where people and businesses are not afraid to think big, take action, and invest in the future. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to establish or expand your own business or to acquire your first home. We offer expert advice and support to businesses as well as private persons.