We aim to make our working environment more ergonomic and constantly monitor and reduce the environmental impact of our offices.

LHV has decided to operate and grow sustainably, and for the long haul. Besides considering pressing local and international issues in the running of our business, we want to keep our own home in order as well. That means we devote attention to LHV’s operating environment and our employees’ CO2 footprint.

What are we planning for the future?

We will carry out an extensive enterprise energy audit. The audit will determine how we use energy; pinpoint the possible measures for energy conservation, and how we could use energy more sparingly in the workplace.

In 2020, we will develop LHV’s green office principles (including instructions, action plans, and objectives). Based on the principles, we will work in a manner that is best for environmental conservation. We will take into account the need for sustainability when making decisions about our offices, look for ways to improve the environmental impact of our offices and adopt reasonable new solutions to fulfil our sustainability goals.

We realize that by striving toward climate neutrality in our everyday work environment, we influence our employees to devote more attention to environmental conservation and give our customers and the public a role model for working with a caring and considerate long-term perspective.

The principles of LHV’s green office will be shaped, and the goals articulated by a working group tasked with the responsibility for their implementation.

We are seeking a BREEAM green label for City Plaza building in Tallinn and we’re constantly improving the building itself. BREEAM is the world’s first green label based on broad-based evaluation criteria. It allows the building’s energy performance, environmental friendliness, user-friendliness, and sustainability to be evaluated in each part of the building’s life cycle. We are applying for the BREEAM green label in five stages:

  1. we will ascertain the current state of the building;
  2. define possibilities for improving it;
  3. improve the building;
  4. conduct a final evaluation of the building;
  5. apply for the certificate.

As a result of implementing the improvement measures, the building must become more environment-friendly. While applying for BREEAM green label, we evaluate the building as well as the building management practice, working closely with the building owner and property manager.

What is the final goal of the project?

The goal of performing the energy audit, following the principles of a green office, and applying for the BREEAM green label is to continually monitor and reduce the environmental impact of the physical spaces used by our organization. Saving on costs, sustainable use of natural resources, reducing waste generation, and making the work environment more ergonomic are all components of the process. Also, the activities will raise our people's awareness of an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, and they would hopefully apply the same principles in their everyday lives.