Home repair loan

The home repair loan can be used for fixing up your home or summer house or, for instance, buying property.

A home repair loan is an unsecured small loan with more favourable conditions due to its intended use. If you have applied for a home repair loan, you will sign a small loan contract, which has already been prepared by using the home repair loan conditions.

As a private person, you can apply for a home repair loan if

  • your monthly income is at least EUR 250
  • you are aged 18 to 75
  • you are a citizen of the Republic of Estonia, a citizen of the Russian Federation or holder of a grey passport, who holds a residence permit and resides in Estonia

You do not have to have a bank account at LHV to be able to apply for a home repair loan.

You only need to submit your account statement if this is requested by LHV Finance customer support. When you submit a six month account statement, you yourself choose the appropriate format:

  • statement digitally certified by the bank (so-called digidoc format)
  • hard copy printout certified by the bank
  • statement printed out at an LHV Bank office

If your bank does not provide printouts in any other form, a PDF file will do as well.

E-mail the statement to finance@lhv.ee or drop it off at an LHV Bank office.

Once you have submitted the application, we will assign you a limit valid for 90 days. We shall send you an e-mail with the limit decision. Up to this limit, you can conclude one or several small loan contracts. You can conclude a contract conveniently without leaving home, through our self-service](/coflink/auth/login). If you are unable to sign a contract digitally, you can also conclude a contract at any Euronics shop.

We will forward the information about the amount of the first instalment and its due date to you by e-mail once a contract has been concluded. The amount of the instalment and the payment due date are also recorded on the payment schedule attached to your contract. Should you be unable to find the information you need, please call our customer support at 680 2700 or send an e-mail to finance@lhv.ee.

We will send you the invoice by e-mail or post every month, five days before the payment due date. If you have also requested an e-invoice, we will send it to the Internet bank of your choice.

Pay your instalments into the AS LHV Finance account EE707700771001062897. Indicate the number of your home repair loan contract as the reference number.

The most convenient way to make your monthly payments is to use the automatic e-invoice standing order service. You can conclude a standing order agreement via the Internet bank of the same bank where you would like to make your monthly payments.

You do not have to wait for an invoice to arrive to pay an instalment. If you have not received an invoice, look up the exact amount on the payment schedule of your contract. Transfer this amount into the AS LHV Finance account EE707700771001062897.

At the latest, the instalment must be received in the AS LHV Finance account on the payment due date set out in your contract. We therefore advise you to transfer payment before 16.00 on the business day preceding the payment due date, at the latest. This way, you can make sure that the payment will be received by us on time.

For your invoice to be paid automatically, conclude an e-invoice standing order agreement via the Internet bank of the bank where you would like to make your monthly payments. Going forward, you will no longer need to worry whether your invoice has been paid on time. It is important to just make sure that on the payment due date there are sufficient funds available in your bank account for paying the instalment.

Information that may be needed for requesting an e-invoice and concluding a standing order agreement:

  • Invoice issued by: AS LHV Finance
  • Account number: account from which you wish to make payments
  • Customer ID: agreement number
  • Expiry of order: leave this field blank
  • Invoice payment: select automatic payments
  • Standing order date: date of receipt of invoice
  • Limit: leave this field blank

Your home repair loan contract is easy to amend. All you have to do is e-mail your request to us at finance@lhv.ee. If needed, you can apply for a grace period or change the payment due date or the amount of the monthly instalment. It costs EUR 10 to amend your contract. This amount will be added to your next invoice. If you repay the entire home repair loan amount early, there will be no service charge.

There is no charge for repaying the entire home repair loan amount early. E-mail your request to us at finance@lhv.ee.

Information is available from our customer support by calling 680 2700 or e-mailing finance@lhv.ee. Customer support operates from 09.00 to 21.00 daily.

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