Bank link

The bank link ensures that your clients’ payments will reach your company’s account quickly and safely

LHV’s bank link

  • can be used to collect payments and authenticate visitors.
  • enables payment services on your website to everyone who uses LHV Pank in their daily operations.

How to obtain a bank link?

  • Open an account
    Your company must be a client of LHV Pank to be able to use the LHV Bank Link. Opening an account is free of charge and no management fee is paid.

    Open an account
  • Submit application
    Fill in the Bank link application . Send it to the address or come and conclude the agreement at our client office.

  • Technical prerequisites
    The software used by your online shop must be able to compile an electronic payment order for the products selected by the client.

    The payment order must include the vendor’s digital signature in addition to the other details.

Price list

Conclusion of agreement

Free of charge

Authentication service

Free of charge


1% of the transaction value, up to 3 € per transaction


More information from our client service More information is available from the client service of LHV at the address and by telephone at 6 800 400.

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